With InstantUtility, you’ll have the tools you need to deliver on your promises and realize your vision.

We’re crypto project founders too (Presearch) and we know how important it is to deliver a way for your supporters to use their tokens. This platform enables you to do that while also building your brand and mitigating the risk that your tokens could be viewed as a security with no true utility.

Create Demand

With a platform that enables you to sell offerings with your token, you can create actual demand for your token.

Engage Community

Provide your community with a rallying point for your project, where you can deliver value and engage supporters.

Protect Yourself

A utility token without utility could be considered a security. Why not head off those concerns with instant utility?

One place to close the loop

Your InstantUtility platform runs on the web as a responsive web application that looks great on mobile, desktop or tablet.

No additional fees for the first year and we handle updates to your WordPress site and plugins. Keep your team focused while we provide InstantUtility.

Choose from dozens of products to easily apply your brand to and manage your orders through Printful.com’s automated platform.

About us

Token Pros was founded in 2019 to solve the most pressing problems facing projects in the cryptocurrency space by the leaders of a well-known token project called Presearch.

Following crypto winter, many projects are facing community backlash and disengagement due to the collapse of speculative demand for crypto tokens without a closed loop token ecosystem.

This lack of utility and demand has led to declining prices, calls for regulatory oversight and a lack of momentum that poses existential threats to many early-stage projects.

Recognizing that the core issue is that projects lack a way for people to consume or spend tokens, and based on the needs of Presearch to have a way for project supporters to purchase merchandise and other services, the Token Pros team developed a token-denominated ecommerce platform that would enable any Ethereum ERC20-based project to create instant utility for their token.

You can read more about how the Token Pros InstantUtility platform provides token projects with the #1 tool needed to close the loop on their token, providing community members with a way to consume tokens while supporting the project and mitigating community and regulatory pressure.

Our team

The Token Pros team has worked together since 2017 when it came together to launch Presearch, a decentralized search engine.


The Token Pros InstantUtility platform is the best way for new or existing cryptocurrency projects to create instant utility for their token.

The main objective is to close the loop on your token economy, providing token holders with a way to spend tokens and not just rely on people trading them on secondary markets.

This ability to close the loop mitigates the risk of having a token viewed as a security by regulatory bodies as a token is useful for purchases other than just speculation.

How it works?

To close the loop, you need two key functions:

    1. The ability to list products and services for sale, denominated in your token (as opposed to fiat currencies, Bitcoin, etc.)

    2. The ability for a purchaser to buy the items on offer, only with your token

The InstantUtility platform enables you to do this with ease.

Once you’ve got your ecommerce platform set up, you populate it with things that people would want to purchase from your project.

This could include branded merchandise (shirts, hats, mugs, stickers, etc.), services (consulting, integration into your broader platform) and pre-orders of future services that you will offer.

You can price these items in USD on the back end as that is still the most common way to peg the value of your offerings, but on the front end that consumers would see, the prices would be listed in your cryptocurrency.

This token to USD price can either be set at a fixed rate or determined in real-time via the CoinMarketCap API.

A consumer on your ecommerce platform can add various items into their shopping cart, view the subtotal and any relevant taxes, perform shipping calculations and get a final total for their purchase, all in your token.

To check out and complete a purchase, the buyer is provided with the amount to send to the ERC20 wallet address you provide, and instructions on how they can buy and send tokens to complete the purchase.

Once they’ve sent their tokens as directed, the InstantUtility platform will mark their order as paid and you can then use the administration functionality to deliver their order.

The Benefits of InstantUtility

Imagine the reaction within your community when you share with them that you’ve just closed the loop on your token economy and that they can now make purchases with their tokens.


Not only have you made your community happy and reduced the risk of your token being viewed as a security by regulators, but you now have a platform that you can market actively to drive project supporters and those interested in your offerings to.

This will bring so much more clarity to your marketing and communications because now you have a place that is not an external exchange or CMC page that you can focus everyone’s attention on.

You can promote your various offerings in your community channels, on social media, in your email marketing campaigns and into your broader token ecosystem as it develops

Getting started

We are proud to offer this extremely valuable service to token projects that want to close the loop, instantly.

We can turn around your implementation in less than two weeks with minimal input from you or your team.

All we require is a 50% down payment to commence and for you to fill out our simple project intake form.

We will then handle the rest of the build and will provide you with your working ecommerce platform, populated with your initial offerings, hosted on the domain or subdomain of your choice, with security and maintenance provided at no extra charge for the first year.

You’ll have your own back end system where you can add new offerings and make changes, and if you need any help, we’re here for you.

To get a price quote and timeline for implementation, or to have any additional questions answered, please use the form below to book a call with one of our business development representatives.

Our clients

We are proud to work with high-quality projects that care about their communities and are striving to provide token holders with utility and value.

Get in touch

Please contact us to learn more about how you can add instant utility to any ERC20 token.

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